Plus Size Kitten - Pedicure Party by HRH Nail Studio

Do you like pedicure?
It's time to join the coming soon Pedicure Party which is sponsored by HRH Nail Studio, to celebrate PlusSizeKitten Blog Birthday!!

MiuMiu, the Plus Size Kitten, is celebrating her blog's 3rd Anniversary by organizing this Pedicure Party for six of her lucky readers and I think you won't want to miss the chance to meet her up!
You have to be her female reader (follower of her blog), a blogger (who blog about beauty or lifestyle), willing to write a blog review about the pedicure service that you are going to enjoy.
Check out her post regarding this to read full details on how to take part:

Hmm.. So why am I writing this?
Other than supporting Miu, my blogger-become-real life friend's event by taking part in this, of cause I wish I can be one of the lucky six person to join the party! =p

She is one of the wonderful person I ever meet through blogging, we have become real friends and I hope that this friendship stays forever! *Kinda geli la say like this.. =X

Also, I wouldn't want to miss the chance to try out HRH Nail Studio service with the girls!

Are you interested in this? Quickly take part and see if we have chance to meet up and become real friends! =p


  1. Thanks for wishes Jean! I am also happy to meet and befriend with u! from reader to blogger to good friends!!! ^___________^ Don't geli to say it.... all ur admirers sure jeles..of what u write oledi!!!




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