Iron Man 3: My Way

Everyone loves Iron Man, and Tony Stark under the iron suit.
I am excited when month end comes nearer, because the long-waited Iron Man 3 is coming up soon!
No more waiting and guessing, I wish I can be the first batch who get to watch the show.

Iron Man 3 will start screening in local cinemas on 25 April 2013.

In this official trailer, we saw Tony suffers, Iron Man in trouble, the villain challenging Iron Man,
and the last scene was like... there are so many Iron Men!
I want to be one of them! and I want my suit to be different, to be special!
Which is why I built mine together with Tony and the result is, satisfying.. 

Even Tony is admiring my suit with the "hmm.. this is better than I thought." look.

and Tony said he wants to try out my new design iron man suit.
Of course I said ok, it's my honour!

Tony: Yeah~ I know I am handsome in anything.

Me: I have redesigned your arms and shoulder, it will give you more strength and protection, x100 from what you already have.
The rounded shoulder will give you extra protection, whenever there is heavier thing drop on you or if you need to push with more strength, it will provide the extra energy and protection to you.
The bigger wrist part will give you more power when it comes to fighting the enemy in short distance. Although it looks big, but the material is definitely lightest and there is also spaces for you to install more weapon! You can hide guns and secret weapon in your wrist compartment!
I have also redesign the color of your suit, silver chrome and gold which is much durable even when you are in heavy fights or war. But I know you love red color, so I remain some red color on your new arms.
I really hope you love this new suits~ X)


  1. can't wait to watch this movie~need to book the ticket early~lol

  2. My son also crazy about Iron Man :P

  3. i cant wait for this to be out on the cinema! :)

  4. Can't wait for this to be out too!!! =]

  5. the new arms look likes copied from "one piece" - franky

    1. yes! exactly. hahaha.. I am not so creative right? =x




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