Are You Moist Enough?

I use several Vaseline products, the first Vaseline product I have is actually the Petroleum Jelly.
I seriously love this product so much and use it everyday. 
During day time I use it as a lip balm, to let my lips stay in great condition.
During night time, I apply a thick layer on lips before I sleep and wake up with a moist and kissable lips!

Whenever I go for an island trip, I will start worrying about my skin.

As you know, we "expose" most of our skin when we are at a poolside, or on beach. (Think about bikinis!)

I am not only worry about how people look at my skin, but also worry about my skin condition after it exposed under the sun for a long time or in the salty sea water which will definitely dehydrated my skin.

We need to make sure that our skin is always in the best condition, therefore we must always fulfil the first healthy skin requirement: the moisture level.
A very good moisturiser is necessary during a island trip!
Vaseline Aloe Cool and Fresh is definitely my first choice of body lotion which I will bring along to my island trip!
As you know aloe vera can instantly cool down irritate skin, therefore I believe that the Aloe Cool and Fresh lotion is the best to use during an island trip.
Aloe Cool and Fresh is a light weight lotion, which allow lotion to be absorbed very fast, and so our skin gets moist as soon as it needs.

What shall we do to keep our skin as healthy as it should be, vibrant like the wide smile on my face after a relaxing trip?
I believe that many girls like fair skin like I do. We love the sun and sea but at the same time we love healthy fair skin!
I will continue to use Vaseline moisturiser lotion! Healthy White is what I need, to let my skin stay moist as ever, and also in a fairer skin tone! Don't you love the idea of having fair and moisture skin at the same time?

As a girl, we don't just take care of our faces, but everything from head to toe!
Healthy, moist skin is our biggest asset, don't you agree?
Therefore, start taking care of your skin, give it enough moisture and you will feel the different!^^


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