5-8-2010 Second Cheque from NuffNang

I have been blogging for three years plus since January 2007 and I have been serving NuffNang since around August 2008.

Today I am in a very good mood because I finally receive my second cheque from NuffNang!
I requested my first payout on 5 September 2009, that time I got around RM200+..
It's difficult to earn that money you know! But keep up the work, update your blog frequently, gain more reader support will definitely help increase your earning!
I have to say there is improvement for this time because I earn more than the first cheque in shorter time frame!
I requested this second payout on 28 June 2010, and I received the cheque by post today (5 August 2010) which is around one month time because I am a Glitterati member!
Proud to be a NuffNanger!

It's true that as long as you keep thinking positive, the good things will come to you..
Because that's what I experiencing now!
I hope more good stuff is coming to me soon! <3

Here's my second NuffNang cheque~
I did not blog about the first one but this time I'm gonna share it cause it came just in time!
a little extra money for my Hong Kong Trip! ^^


  1. saw the amount edi la.. lol

  2. how much how much second cheque?!

  3. i found out oso once posted.. just edited.. lol
    too little, paiseh to show out.. hehehe...

  4. congratz congratz!! keep up the good work ya!!

  5. yea.. very hard to earn from nuffnang. Im waiting for my first cheque. just requested the first payout last week =)




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