Jurlique's Make Your Own Aromatherapy Workshop

Last weeks was really a busy and stressful week for me.
Luckily I got to relax myself after my task was done on Friday, and I had full day events on wonderful Saturday.

In the morning I attended IDI-Italy 1858 Event in KLCC, and I got my prize for the Super Fan Campaign, which is an ONE YEAR IDI Skincare Product supply! Thank you IDI Skincare!
Please view my IDI skincare product reviews if you're interested to know more about IDI!
Also, you can check out some photos I took during the event here: IDI Event Album.

So, the next thing after IDI Event, Joanne and I rushed to The Curve for the next event - the Jurlique's workshop which was held in Royale Bintang Hotel at 2pm.
This is a paid workshop. RM50 including a fully redeemable RM50 voucher, a RM100 treatment voucher, a generous door gift, and refreshment during the workshop.

We were early, so we went shopping in Ikea and I had my favourite meatballs in Ikea's canteen!
The meatballs are really tasty, you must try it if you haven't!

I have heard of this brand but never try out their product, 
so this workshop is really a good chance for me to get to know more about them.

Generous door gift!
The box is made from recycle material, like those we use to hold the eggs.
Inside the box, there are trial/sample size products for body and face:
Rose Shower Gel 30ml
Rose Body Care Lotion 30ml
Balancing Cleansing Lotion 30ml
Daily Exfollating Cream 6ml
Herbal Soothing Cream 2ml
Herbal Recovering Gel 2ml

The workshop started with introduction of the brand, and history of Aromatherapy.

Also, the speaker share the effects of different essential oils with us.
I found it amazing, that aroma can actually do so much for our body, our health.

After the information sharing, we had our hands on to mix our own oils for different purposes!
and the DIY session was fun!

First one we did is a very useful one, for students or working adult: 

Stress Relief
Almond Carrier Oil 15ml (equal to one small bottle)
Lemon Essential Oil 3 drops
Lavender Essential Oil 2 drops
Geranium Essential Oil 1 drop

This one is very useful too.. 
when we have headache, period pain, muscle pain and all those pain.. 
(I wonder if it cure heart pain too?=p)

Muscle Aches & Pain
Almond Carrier Oil 15ml
Rosemary Essential Oil 2 drops
Lavender Essential Oil 2 drops
Peppermint Essential Oil 2 drops

The final one is a must have item in cupboard..
Also, we learnt that to avoid flu, we can mix a drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil in our shower gel when we taking shower.

Cold & Flu
Almond Carrier Oil 15ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 3 drops
Eucalyptus Essential Oil 2 drops
Lavender Essential Oil 1 drop

After we done and learnt how to use the oil mixture, the workshop go into second session: Skincare Regime.
I am glad that I got to try out Jurlique's products, some of them are really great!
Too bad I am on budget, else I will really buy something!
(should say, luckily I am on budget, else I will spend again! XD)

I had eyeliner and mascara on, so when I do my facial, I skipped my eyes part.

First of of, we cleaned up our face with Balancing Cleansing Lotion (RM134 for 200ml).
The texture is lotion time as its name, and it is very mild when apply on face.
Must because of the natural ingredients in it! and like the smell of it.

After washing our face, this Lavender-Lavandin Hydrating Essence was added in the bowl of warm water in front us.
We picked up the towel in the bowl, dried it up a bit and covered it on our face (before that, we smelt it, remember that this was a aromatherapy workshop!) and use our palm to press it on face, as massage.
We did the same step for 3 times, and it's really comfortable and relaxing!

There are also Lemon-Lime, Chamomile-Rose, Calendula-Lavender hydrating essences, each having different effect for skin.

Next, exfollating! This Fruit Enzyme Exfollator (RM165) is an awesome product!
Apply on face, avoiding eyes/lips area, wait for 5 minutes then rinse off.
I felt that my skin instantly smoother after using it!

Spray this Rosewater Balancing Mist (RM78 for 30ml, RM127 for 100ml) on face for hydrate purpose.
I really love this one.. Wanna get one bottle and put in office! 

Had one drop (in photo there is 2 drops already) of Skin Balancing Face Oil on palm,
warm it up and apply on full face and neck.

Mask! We had Moisture Replenishing Mask (RM297 for 125ml), a really good one!
We can even apply it on eyes area, but note that you shall not talk or laugh when you using it, else fine lines might appear!

hehehe.. scary or not?
I always like this type of apply and rinse off mask.
apply, wait 10 minutes, then just rinse off..
after the mask we spray the rosewater balancing mist on our face once more.

Eye Cream is essential you know?
This Herbal Recovery Eye Cream (RM205 for 30ml) can reduce fine lines around eyes area.

Of course we shouldn't forget about moisturizing..
We used Balancing Day Cay Cream, the texture is a bit thick, therefore we mixed it with a bit Rosewater Balancing Mist. If you have really dry skin then you don't need to mix already.

Final but not least, Sun Lotion!
A SPF30+ sunscreen is enough for indoor use. 
As what the speaker said, SPF50 is for those who work under the sun. Lol

Overall, I love the facial session!
Really enjoyed the workshop and wish they will organize another soon, maybe about body?!

Thanks Tammy for providing the first hand workshop news!

I hope you girls enjoy the workshop as I do!


  1. Anyway Nice..Visit mine if u free friend.. Bloody Day!

  2. nice... jean.. so fast blog, i haven't had time to do anything sob sob.. did u buy anything?

  3. Wow, so fast you blogged about it! Yay! You have all the photos of the products. That's good. I didn't manage to get all of them.

  4. Jean
    U write so detailed. Thanks. I think I will not write bcoz did not take photos of the steps.

  5. suhaisweet:
    thanks for visiting!

    I have nth to do (or shud say moody to do anything else) so I wrote this lo.. wrote in english somemore..XD
    I din get to buy anything.. must save save for HK trip lerr..>.<

    thanks.. I guess I was too free..=p

  6. Jean, i'm digging your grey jacket!
    its soo biker chic~!

    ahh i would like to try the Stress Relief~! keke
    damn rm50 is a great bargain impressive door gifs!
    GOOD for you no SPENDING!
    still in saving mode for HK trip~

    congratz in securing the 1 year supply from IDI skincare~!
    thank you for your birthday wishes!

  7. currently i oni have this oni piece of jacket.. love it too but start getting bored with it d.. =p
    yeap.. still in saving mode..>.<




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