Hada Labo Perfect X Simple Facebook Fans Tea Party

Attended a tea party specially held for 35 lucky Hada Labo's Facebook Fans on 24-7-2010, Saturday.
I have to separate the report into 2 posts, one for the "content sharing" and another for "food sharing".
I must do so because I feel like the food is the main character during the event.

The lucky (or should say "fast action") 35 from more than 11,000 Hada Labo's Fans paid RM20 to RSVP for this event but all of us definitely got back items/experience which cost more than what we paid!
I am so glad that I'm fast and lucky to be one of the 35 fans.
Feel sorry for those who did not get to join, let's hope Hada Labo will organize another event/workshop soon! (which I know they will do soon!! Continue stalk on Hada Labo's Facebook Page for more information!)

The event was held in Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, Jalan Delima on 24-7-2010 3pm.
I walk from Pavilion to the place though (checked on Google Map, it's around 800meters from Westin KL).. 
Almost got lost, but luckily still manage to reach on time.

very nice building and garden.

Once got in Fukuya and registered, I was brought to another room for photoshooting.
We would get a complimentary printed copy afterwards.
Thanks Kelly for helping me take this shoot.^^

table setting.
I had cold green tea.

They are so sincere and generous.
Most company will make it really perfect for their first fans event though.

We need to fill in a card and design a signature for lucky draw purpose.

This is my "art piece"..lol
I use pink shimmering eye shadow to fill up the heart~^^
The eyeshadow I got it earlier from NewPlus, Sg Wang when I purchase August issue.

Hada Labo current available product ranges in Malaysia:
Moisturizing, Whitening, Exfoliating.

I tried several times to upload these two photos, dunno why once it uploaded, it rotated became like this..
= ="
the Hada Labo people were presenting their speech before our tea time started.

This is what I was excited about! 
35 of us are the first who knew that there will be a limited edition product coming up soon in September!
It is the AHA-BHA Foam Wash, I always love foam type facial wash!
Very convenience and comfort to use! Definitely will stock up when it launch!

Next, we did the hydration test on the back of our hand.
Wendy in the photo~

This is my hand, you can see my skin is very very very very dry.
I'm born like this one.. Natural dry skin. haizzzz....
It is the Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Lotion on the back of my hand, 
I used another hand to pat it till fully absorbed.
I have tried this product before and I love it, which is why I came for this tea party!
I'm totally a fans of Hada Labo, especially the Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Series which "one drop locks up an ocean".

This is my hydration reading before and after I pat the lotion into my skin.
Big improvement isn't it?
There was a special prize for the best improvement fans too,
the winner has 20+% before, and 70+% after!!
The tips for getting the best from the product is keep patting and let your skin fully absorb everything!
I am planning to stock up a lot and use it on my body! but it's a crazy action isn't it? =p

Lucky Draw session, there were 3 prizes to giveaway and once again Wendy is SO LUCKY!
Full size product of the whole Whitening Range!
As a friend I shall feel happy for her, but seriously I am SO JEALOUS!! grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Every attender is a winner too!!
The generous door gift from Hada Labo:
AHA/BHA Face Wash 12g
Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Lotion 30ml
Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Sheet Mask x1 
worth RM

Super Hyaluronic Asid Lip Moisturizer 3.5g 
worth RM19.90
Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Mist 45ml 
worth RM
Super Hyaluronic Asid Moisturizing Cream 50g worth RM58.90

I am not sure about the price of each items but those definitely cost more than RM100!
We are very happy!

Collected the printed photo before the end of the event.
I have not enough of sleep for several weeks already, and lazy to apply skincare products made me having breakout problem again..T.T

with the girls~
All of us are bloggers!

Had fun although it is a short event, more to Fans Meet-up Tea Party.
Meet lots of friends, and was super satisfied with the doorgift, and FOOD!!
Curious about what dishes we had during the tea party in the Fukuya (a Japanese fine dining restaurant!)?
Don't miss out my next post ok?


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