Chocolate Cat's Party @ Full House

20/3/2010 was a wonderful day.
I attended 2 workshops and a tea party on this very same day!
So here is a "short report" on this great tea party which was organized by Fatin, the cute owner of Chocolate Cats & All Things Strange.
*the workshops post will be soon~ but no promise yap~=p

My first visit to Full House, the one which located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Love those art~

The Menu is like a comic book/magazine..

The balloons~ 
remind me of the plumbob on Sims' head. 
You'll understand why I say so after you see the last photo in this post.^^

Fatin, the chocolate cat, and her friend - Sylvester.

Ice Lemon Tea~

Coming up are the photos of the food that Fatin fed us during the party~

Chicken Wings~

Sandwiches with fries~


more spaghetti~


Some pastry~


Me and Sylvester~

We had fun games too!!
This is when Pigita guiding blind Doroshi to stick the smile on the cat..
The way they communicate was so so "scientific"!
"1cm below, 2inch higher on your left, ....." lol
Anyway, due to every group (2 in one group) do so well in this game, 
the game become individual competition and I won the first price! I'm good, ain't I?? =p

The Mini Cooper in the yard~ It's so Paul Smith! 
*few years back, Paul Smith had colourful stripes Mini Cooper all over their products~

*Photo taken from Fatin's FB Album.

*Photo taken from Fatin's FB Album.
See the balloons on our head? Don't them look like our plumbob?? hehe~

These are the prizes I won from those games we played!
Thank you Fatin, you're so generous!

I actually took quite a number of photos too but with my Yashica ME1 (an old school film type camera).
I will need sometime to get the digitized photo then only upload it in this post yap~^^

Had a great time during the tea party, met blogger friends, workshop-kaki and new friends!!
Thank you Fatin for organizing such a great event~
Love you~ muackssss~^^

*it's rare that I write a post in English.. So please forgive me for any Grammar/Spelling/English mistake.. lol


  1. i not so like to go to the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng outlet because of some can that out on

  2. wow ~ so nice ^^ Fatin she looks so pretty and feminine ^^ love it ^^

    Btw , sweetie^^ I've tag you in my blog post here ^^

    It's a "I love your blog" award ^^ I dunno whether u have receive it before or not , but pls take it my dear ^^ coz you deserve it ^^

  3. where got English mistake ar?? no ar~
    good also wor ^^
    my friend said Fullhouse de food and service not she didn't bring me go there...haha~~ is't true?

  4. Thanks for coming Jean! It was great having you there.. :)

  5. look so yummy!

    no go before.

  6. umm english so far okay I can read :D

  7. kumfye:
    I was there with friends so service not a problem.. But I do find that the waitress there are not so friendly!

    Thank you so much my dear!

    you're wrong!! haha.. I ain't the youngest! lol

    but i lazy write in english..=p
    yap, heard lot ppl say tat.. but because I went there not for food (but for friends!), so it's ok for me~

    Thanks again for organizing it!!^^

    Actually I din eat a lot of the food cause that afternoon had some tasty food in workshop and still full during the tea party time..=p

  8. Nice post!! U had my pic of me blind fold haha.

  9. I love to eat so much! hhee..

    yeah eh.. you email me already or not.. ah.. the free ribbon necklace and charm you wan.

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  10. 好开心^0^




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