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I wish to call myself a shopaholic, but I am not. I think I am more to a smart shopper (tak malu say sendiri smart.. lol). When I need something, of cause I will buy, but I will still make comparison between shops. When I want something (please note that need and want is always different), I will try my best to wait till sales time. How do I keep track of all the sales and promotion? I use Internet. Nowadays, we all depend on Internet, don't we?

We go to TripAdvisor for travel info, we go to OpenRice for food reviews, and most of my friends installed Foursquare on their smartphone to view interesting places nearby them. Why there isn't anything specially for shopaholic, that come with localised shopping promotion? I know there are a few shopping websites that do sales/promotions posting, but they all lack of one thing: ease of use. Those websites that I knew normally categorised their sales by brands. So it is like, you know what you want, you search the brand to see if they have promotion on going.

Recently I found out a cool website that you can view sales events information on map view.
This is something that I have think of (but I am not smart enough to develop it), that is really convenient for people like me. Sometime I feel like I want to spend some money, but as a smart consumer, I reluctant to just go to any shop to buy anything, I want my money to be spent wisely. (Not sure if you understand my feeling.. lol)
On, what you can see is a map, with the map you can find your location and see all the shopping malls/restaurants around your area, and if there is sales/promotions on-going, you will see a pop up from the location. Useful, isn't it?

Scroll further down from the map view, there is a categories side bar. Click on the category you want and you will see information listing out on the left, with the subject title and preview thumbnails.
Yea, I am a gadget fans so I always check on gadgets promotions first.As you can see, you can even found computer shop price list here!
My office is expanding recently and there are new staffs coming in, I have suggested my boss to buy new computers and office softwares for the new staffs but yet to go Low Yat to check on the price. Since I can get the price list from, I don't need to go Low Yat for a few times (get price x1 visit, purchase x1 visit, minimum 2 visits.), yeah~!

Click on the information, I can even zoom in to see the details (you know lah, computer price list always has tiny wording), and download it if I want to.
Now I can list down the item price that my company need and submit a budget to my boss without the need to go to Low Yat for it. Once boss approve the budget, I just get the money from him, then only go Low Yat directly to make purchase, nice! Reduced my workload already. XD

Not only on shopping, I always have problem when come to lunch. I easily get bored with the restaurant I go for lunch during working days. With, I can check the latest restaurant promotion around my area. 
See, I found one! 1-for-1 promotion at Bangkok Beat Bistro in Fahreinheit Shopping Centre. I shall try this place next Monday~ =p

Definitely gonna bookmark this website as it is not only good for me to look out for promotion information for personal use, but also helps to ease my job (especially on company equipment purchasing that I need to do quite frequently). Save so much time and energy!
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