Worst breakfast ever!

First I have to clarify:
I love Coffee Bean, for their breakfast.
I am a loyal customer of Coffee Bean.
I visit Coffee Bean frequently but randomly for breakfast set or tea.
The branches that I always visit are in Pavilion KL and Wisma Genting.

I used to love the Coffee Bean in Pavilion for the cozy environment and friendly staffs. Until I saw baby cockroaches crawling on or below the table, I feel a little gross. However, I never complain and continue my support to this Coffee Bean branch.

I forgot since when I prefer to go Coffee Bean in Wisma Genting, because it's nearer to my office. However when there is chance, I will still have my breakfast in Coffee Bean, Pavilion.

But today (5/12/2011) is gonna be my last time to have breakfast in Coffee Bean Pavilion!


Because there are not just cockroaches crawling around, but also a rat running around in the cafe!!!! Seriously I was so shocked when there was something running across below my table, over my legs feet, and found that it's a rat!!!! It is so unacceptable! It ran across below my table twice and there are other witnesses (I believe at least 3 other customers sitting indoor saw it as well) too!!!!

This shop (Coffee Bean, Pavilion KL) definitely need pest control as it's not the first time I saw cockroaches crawling around, and today there is even a rat running around!!!!

I seldom complain about food place cleanliness but rat in a cafe like this is ultimately unacceptable!
And when I mentioned to the staff (I believe she knows what is going on too cause I heard some of the staffs mentioned about the rat ran out from the kitchen), she did not bother to give me any explanation!! Finally I left the cafe and go to work with a very bad mood.

I feel so bad! The rat ruined my Monday mood. DAMN!!!!!

The rat is too fast so I did not get a photo of it but here is one of the baby cockroach.

This post is based on my visit on 5/12/2011, around 10.20am - 10.50am.


  1. OMG!!! gross! thats just unacceptable! i think you should email complaint to coffee bean hq with the photo attach..

    don't let it ruin your monday too much.. have lunch or tea at a nice place today.. ^^

  2. Oh god..this is disgusting!! U shud make a complaint ti another party...

  3. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback and we sincerely apologize for the incident.

    Pls be rest assured that we have informed the relevant department to take immediate action to rectify the problem.

    We hope this will not deter you from visiting us again as we continue to strive to improve our services and products at all times.

    Once again, thank you for your valuable feedback.

    Customer Service
    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  4. 哇!有老鼠真的不可原谅啊!恐怖!

  5. Unbelievable! 怎么会发生这样的事情。haiz

  6. Well, it could be the Ratatouille:P




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