Kitchen Experiement - Strawberry Cocktail

I like strawberries~
would like to share a cocktail recipe with you all.. (also to test out Blogpress apps on iPhone)


Strawberries, Sprite, Vodka
You will need a glass and spoon too.

1. Pick one or two strawberries and put them in the glass. You can put more if u have bigger glass.

I picked two big one for a small glass because I would like to have stronger strawberry taste in my drink.

2. Smash the strawberries with a spoon.

I know it's cruel to smash the pretty strawberries but you have to!!

3. Till you get strawberry puree like this:

Pretty right?

4. Add in suitable amount of Vodka (I use Absolut Vodka) in the glass, follow by Sprite.

My recipe is Strawberry puree, Vodka, Sprite in 1:1:1 ratio.

5. Stir everything together, add one or two ice cubes, DONE.

Sorry I didn't take a nice photo for this one.. =p

It's very easy isn't it?

I personally love vodka for homemade cocktail because I can add it in anything..
You can use same recipe but change strawberry to other fruit, eg. Oranges, kiwi, ... to make different fruit cocktails.. =D

*Be a responsible drinker, do not drive after drinking.*


  1. love this ^^
    but can i use another alcohol~???
    coz i dont like volka o~

  2. so far i only tested with vodka, u can try others and let me know the result!! =)

  3. you so geng yeh....why will think about this de?? feel like wanted to try~~~~ ^^

  4. Zoe,
    Previously I tried with orange juice one and nice maa.. So when I have strawberry oso try lo.. Nice leh.. I love strawberries.. XD

  5. ahh... this sound interesting... can try...!! recently eaten some sweet strawberries.. =]




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