One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

I am going to share this cool competition information with you all today!
Yes, it's Maxis, a local telco company which provides all kind of quality telecommunication services.
Now they are organizing a "food racing" together with Nuffnang!

60 Nuffnangers will be chosen to take part in this race based on the post they wrote (like this one that you are reading now), and I hope I can be one of the 60!!

You know I love food, love eating, and love to have fun!
This is one of the Nuffnang events that I won't want to miss in this brand new year!

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is all about food, participants need to complete various food challenges in given time limit.
There will be a total of 15 teams of 4 members to compete among teams for the ultimate First Prize:
A 3D2N Hong Kong trip with 5 stars accommodation worth RM10K and one smart phone for each team member.
Second Prize will be a smart phone for each member in the winning team,
and all 60 participants will get a Maxis goodies bag too!

So the race is about eating, of course you will need something to assist you to win!
First of all, for me, my iPhone 4 is the best "food place navigator" once I have installed Maxis FINDER301 on it!
You can download the apps from this link:
You can find and share food around you with Maxis FINDER301!

Also, if you have an iPhone, or any gadget that allows you to get online, you will need a perfect Wireless Broadband data plan!
Maxis provides various data plan for different users, check out the following link for details:

Now I have an iPhone 4, have the apps loaded in my phone, an access to wireless broadband on phone, what I need lastly is a pass to participate in Maxis Om Nom Nom Race!!
Please let me take part!!!! =D


  1. need to choose member sendiri one kah???? i tot they pick random one leh..>.<




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