Hair is not really what I care the most in my life but hair is one of the important things that represent a person, quite much..

I used to ignore my hair, never care to style it or do anything on it until I found that I look boring with my boring hair..

I used to cut my hair into very short length, keep it long, then cut it to very short again..
Why? Because I like the refreshing feel when I have short hair - I don't need to care much about it, and short hair dry up faster after shower.

From SHORT (I had shorter hair but can't find a picture) to LONG and still keeping (curve it with tong myself)..
I like my long wavy hair!! I will say the photo on the right is my best hair picture~ =p
Planning to keep it longer so that I can go for a permanent perm~ agree?

I changed my mind lately..
In love with long hair, and hoping that my hair will grow faster everyday until the length I wanted (long enough to cover my breast so that I can go topless? LOL)..

What would I do if I had 70 feet of magical golden long hair like Rapunzel?
I have bad imagination....
Hmmm... if I really have that, I shall replace my clothes with hair?
I am a real lazy girl who lazy to think of styling and everything, so if I have that long hair, I might as well as use it to cover my body, so that I don't need to think what to wear any more!
Since it is "magical", I guess I can style it up, so that it can be different fashion "hair dress" everyday!!

This is one of the animation movies that I won't want to miss in this year!!
Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale
Pray that I can win a pair of movie tickets for this show! LOL


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