Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

So, my brother just told me he plan to get a Blackberry.
But he is a guy who only use his phone to call and text, what for he need a Blackberry?
It is a smartphone, for smart people, like me!
(I'm just envy that he can get one when I wanted one since long ago.)

When you have a smartphone but you don't use its function, it's totally a waste and your smartphone is equal to a dumbphone.

What can you do with a Blackberry other than call and text?
Emails - very important for my job;
Web browsing - a must! One day without the Internet, you're already outdated!
Social-networking - Facebook, Twitter.. Those are trends, and really important when you want to stalk on every friend! lol
Youtube - What to do when you are on a bus going to work or waiting your friends in a cafe?
and MANY MORE...

My brother asked: Oh.. Those like fun, how to use?
I answered: With your current plan, you can't do much with the phone, your phone is just another dumbphone!

YES! Don't you agree?
We need unlimited broadband to do all these!
And you know what? DiGi got this DG Smart Plan for all "Smartphone" users, so you get to enjoy every functions on your smartphone, without letting it become another dumbphone in your pocket. XD
You think the plan will be expensive?
No! It's only RM68 per month!
No minimum call usage and you even get your broadband charges waived if you spend more than RM200 on your total bill! Crazy right?
How I wish I have a smartphone, so I can sign up for this plan. lol

Please remind yourself, your phone is simply another dumbphone with no unlimited broadband!

I love this poster!


  1. u shud get the smartphone......plus with digi plan, that will be cool.

    Hope u can win it.....cheers n StayTune.

  2. haha so much angst so well written!

    i'm leaning towards android phones!! afterall me a diehard motorola fans!i still hav thier stocks option ekekke

    anyhoos Malaysia telco charges for end user is exorbitant :( i'm still tipping even there is a subsidize by company T.T

    So you luvv purple colors?!
    letme paint your eyes next time we meet up~ its always such a rush deal keke
    i think i have an overdose with purple palettes *grinning

  3. nebular:
    yes..i think so..lol

    I wan a Android as well! Milestone!!!
    but seriously expensive la..sob..
    I have purple palettes at home as well, but I can never apply as nice as yours! next time show me how ok?^^




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