April coming, and my final exam is coming soon too.. After the exam, if I success to pass the three subjects in this very last semester, I'll be graduated from TARC.

But here is the big problem, I've not decided which university to go yet!


If I choose UTAR, I won't need to worry so much for the fee because it is a lot cheaper. I can get PTPTN loan to cover both of the course and living fee. I maybe can save one year for my degree study if I choose UTAR.. But, UTAR is not accredited by IEM/BEM! That's mean I won't be a engineer which is qualified by our government except I'm going to take the IEM/BEM Exam (Part 2&3)..

MMU is accredited, and the quality of the courses provided by MMU is also better than a lot of the other private universities. It's located in Cyberjaya, which is quite isolate from any other places, so that the students can be more concentrate in their studies. The course fee is much expensive, but what I think is it worth the price. If I choose MMU, mostly I'll need to study for 4 years and I'll have serious finacial problem. I can apply for PTPTN, 66k for 4 years but that is not enough to include both of the course fee and the living fee.

I really hope that I can get in MMU, although I'll need to study longer and pay more. My dad can not afford to give me financial support but he does support me to choose MMU. Really appreciate him for always support me for what I want although he can't do much to help. I just hope I can faster become a success woman and return what he have given me since 1987.

What I need now is a scholarship and a good pay part time job... Loan will be my last choice because I already owe the government RM10,000++ for my diploma PTPTN loan!

Wish myself all the best, and wish you all the best for your future too!


  1. hye jean..wah,really respect u..thinking about future seriously even though u only 19..well,i give my comment seriously..hmm,i think u better go to MMU,heard from raof dat u hav a great grade(he really envy u..haha)..like u say that the course in MMU is acredited n the environment there is really great..but u got to have great determination if u really wanna success there..its like gambling u know,u must take risk to be successful..n u oso got full support from ur family right..y don u try take scholarship..apply as many as u can n maybe u can get one..its better u know to take biasiswa(scholar)..well,dats my opinion..the final decision is from u n watever it is, i'll support u maa..hahaha

  2. i also thinking about this question..
    becos 2 MR. bean pointing at diff U..

  3. thanx~i think tat's sufian who left the msg rite?
    scholarship, i hope i can get one too.. but my result isn't tat good actually..>.<
    the environment is not tat "good" for staying bcox less food stall around, isolate n so on.. but i think it's good for study(no entertainment maa~)..
    I've decided to choose MMU, now jux need to worry for the course fee, n whether MMU will accept me anot(cox i havn't graduated n actually applying it wif my last 5 sem cpga only lo..)!

  4. yeah of coz its me maa...haha..u really sure its less food stall there??..hopefully not la..n b'coz its an isolated place,that make feel like studying right..haha..no entertainment eh...hmm,as far as i know u don watch tv oftenly,n like reading novel..maybe a bit hard to go watch muvie eh..haha..i think u can adapt with lifestyle there..anyway juz apply for the scholarship,maybe 'miracle' happen maa..well,hope u can enter MMU..im gonna help u pray fot it la..haha;)

  5. Haha~ hope all the best for me la~~
    really hope the "Miracle" will occur lo~~~




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