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Hakone is a lovely getaway location that is not far away from Tokyo. Getting a Hakone Freepass from Odakyu is a great option to explore Hakone. Been to Hakone many times as it is not far from our house in Japan, but this time it is special, because we checked into a luxury onsen hotel, without the kids! It has been a while since we travelled together, just two of us.    

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When in Japan, you must experience an onsen ryokan stay! 
Hotel Kinnotake Tonosawa has a private outdoor onsen tub in every guest room! That is luxury!

If you are driving, enter the hotel area through Tonosawa bridge. You can catch an amazing view of Hakone Tozan Train passing through the valley on this bridge too!

Tonosawa area is not far away from Hakone Yugawara station. Hotel Kinnotake Tonosawa provides free pick up service from the station as well. 

Love the elegant interior design of the hotel. We were asked to decide on dinner & breakfast preference and time too. I also got to choose my preferred yukata design. I saw an interesting Hakone travel guidebook and was told that I am free to bring it to my room to read.

We were offered to choose a welcome drinks and dessert to enjoy while waiting for our room to be ready too. Love the Mt. Fuji Black Tea that they serve here, apparently it is an award winning tea!

We stayed in Room 201. It is very spacious with modern Japanese interior design. There is no TV in the room but the outdoor onsen & complimentary mini bar service is definitely better than the noises from the tv isn't it? I love a quiet staycation (always too much noise at home)!

The little details here and there. There were zouri (Japanese traditional footwear), bamboo baskets to match with your look if you decided to wear yukata to the restaurant or bar.

Japanese hotels are usually equipped with separate beds and blankets even when you ask for a double room arrangement. I kinda like it though, you don't need to snatch blanket from your other half if it is a cold night. lol

Love the hotel selection of facial and body care amenities, organic and smell really good.
The complimentary mini bar was filled up with different kinds of beverages, red/white wine, Japanese sake, juices, green tea, etc. Other than those in the fridge, there were coffee capsules, tea bags, and some drinking snacks as well. I am definitely staying in the hotel without going out with all these ready for me!

I took a onsen bath before our dinner. No word to describe how great I felt!

Kaiseki dinner after onsen, such a luxurious day! 
Hotel Kinnotake Tonosawa is definitely foreigner friendly. They have English speaking staff, and their food menu comes in English too.

Kaiseki dinner is a Japanese traditional multi courses dinner, usually includes an appetizer (sakizuke), sashimi (raw fish), a simmered dish (nimono), a grilled dish (yakimono), a steamed dish (mushimono), a rice dish (gohan), and a dessert (mizumono). The courses we had that night comes with wagyu 

We had 3 little plates for appetisers, each of them made from the best seasonal ingredients. Yuba tofu (layers of yuba that build into a tofu block!), shrimp in different textures, persimmons, blue crab, are all the best of autumn season.

We had matsutake mushroom in our soup, sablefish and few kinds of autumn vegetable in our grilled dish, and herring fish that was very well prepared in our simmered dish. 

Loving the sashimi (there was 5 types) with chef's special foam salty sauce and a few kinds of sashimi garnish.

We had Kanagawa beef too, there was an upgrade option to Kobe beef when we stayed. The special changes from time to time so do check out with the hotel when you book your stay. 

Salmon and salmon roe rice! We enjoyed every bit of the dinner, autumn is definitely my favourite season to travel and eat.

5 little plates for desserts to end our meal. I was so happy with all of them, especially the sweet potato mousse with citrus jelly, baked apple and shine muscat grapes. We had our desserts at the lounge so we can order extra complimentary drinks. =p

Back in our room, we had sake. Takashi enjoyed his late night onsen bath and I put on the moisture face mask that was prepared in the room.

Woke up to this. 
Takashi loves onsen, he can dip in it for a very very long time. It's a Japanese skillset I guess? lol

I chose Western while Takashi chose Japanese breakfast (so that we can try both!). 
Western breakfast looked simple but all the ingredients were specially curated by the chef. I had handcrafted fruit jam from Yugawara and Echire french butter to go with my breads that were made from special yeast. The omelette texture was perfect, and the Nagano farmer's ketchup went so well with it! The pork sausages were made from branded local pork too.

I would recommend choosing the Japanese breakfast and having it at a later time, it was so wholesome that I think it should be a brunch instead. So many items to eat with the refillable rice and miso soup!

Enjoying another hot tea at the lounge after our breakfast. I don't want to check out!

Loving our stay, and our meals in Hotel Kinnotake Tonosawa!
There is another Kinnotake in Sengokuhara (also Hakone), hope we get to experience that in the future!

金乃竹 塔ノ澤 Hotel Kinnosawa Tonosawa
〒250-0315 Kanagawa, Ashigarashimo District, Hakone, Tonosawa, 191


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