Blog Giveaway - A beautiful Mug - Home24

UPDATE on 24/7:
Home24 选出了幸运儿咯!
The lucky winner for this giveaway is...
Helen CC

Congratulation! Home24 will contact you soon! =)


多谢 Home24 家居网店 的赞助,让我有机会送上这漂亮的小礼物给你。

Dear readers, thanks to Home24 Online Furniture & Home Deco Shop, I have little something for you!

在Home24 网站上也可以找到这件价值RM24.90的Victorian Fashion Straight Mug哦!

This is the Mug that I am giving out to one lucky winner. Cute right?
Do join this giveaway and try your luck!

1. 成为我的部落格的跟随者。(点击左边"Join this Site"的格子,登入就行了。非强迫性。)
2. 于7月21日前留言在这篇网志,回答以下问题:
- 跟随者注册名字
- 电邮
- 你对 Home24 网站的看法,觉得有什么可以改进或任何意见。


How to win this beautiful mug? Easy 2 steps. =)
1.Become my blog follower. (click "Join this Site" on left bar column. Not necessary to do this but if you like my blog, welcome to follow me ya!)
2.Leave a comment on this post before 21st July with following details:
- Your following account name
- Email Address
- What do you think about Home24 website? Leave your feedback / comment.

*Only for readers with a Malaysia Address. Sorry to those who are not in Malaysia, will try to organize international giveaway soon!

祝你好运!Good Luck!


  1. -admest wai
    -can find fusion in home24, i like it..

  2. What a lovely giveaway!! I love the mug so much ^^
    Thanks for giving a chance =D

    - helenCC
    - I feel home24 website is quite simple & user friendly. There is variety products for consumer to choose.
    My suggestion is maybe they can add some button for us to shortlisted the price, color, or origin...
    Furthermore, it would be awesome if there is a customer service chatting column on bottom right. like we can immediately ask a question and get their response.

    That's all ^^
    Hope I'm the lucky winner. wahahha XD

  3. - ryam
    - Very complete range to make a cozy home. Hope that more detail of product information provided, found some of it a bit rough, to read and understand more through wording/picture shown can help for decision making as we not able to touch the good before buying.

  4. - 孤傲的王子
    - very unique, have all the types of product, make our life easier as photo, price and related info provided. Good Job!

  5. I am follower sherry
    Email Sherrygo at hotmail dot com
    I feel the website is user friendly lots of choice, its Better if they have a price range categories to choose from.

  6. Siew Ting
    I think the website is really convenient, with the fingers click, can buy variety of products. I read your last post that you have purchased the tea pot from home24. It has persuaded me to buy the same too. That was the first time I know this website.
    It also made me experience the service of home24. It really impressed me by calling me to confirm the product with friendly attitude in only one day time.
    My suggestion is the photo of the product should be taken in more degrees of it to let customer have better view. For example, if not reading your post about the tea pot, by looking at the only one picture of it on home24 is not persuasive enough.

    Email Address:

    Home24 website is a user-friendly website which provide us price to compare and choose. And all home appliances also have few color for us to choose.. ^^

  8. Home24 is another rocket international initiatives I think? I hope they are able to penetrate the market and provide us a decent alternative for home furnishing. :D

  9. min~aris

    My first impression to Home24 is comfortable and convenient. I am surprisingly that the price even more reasonable then i imagine too. The website also easy to function and searching item as well.I guess in the future we just need to press button and shopping so easily with Home24 ^^

  10. ♫小花妹♫

    Nowadays, peoples are busy on their jobs and don't have time to look for the furniture. Home24 website provide a convenient chance for them to look and buy the furniture online. Besides that, it provides free shipping and they can save the shipping cost! It is unique and with a simple function to buy the furniture.

  11. Thank you so much for choosing me as lucky winner ^^
    Home24, Awesome!! (^o^)Y

  12. Hi, I just email you ^^
    Await ur reply. =)




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