6-8-2010 Sweet Escape in Westin

I overnight in Westin yesterday~ (actually still in Westin when I wrote this.)
"Woah! Must be a great night!" You must be wondering.. (or not interested to know?=p)

The title is Sweet Escape, but it is not really that sweet and relax..

I was in Westin since 12pm, not in the guest room, but in the server room.
It has been a long time I never stay in the server room for more than 12hours since I ended my internship few years ago.
I have to say I was a bit bad luck, because when I was in the server room, abnormal cases keep happening, and finally made the server down.

The server keep going down and we keep on getting complaint calls from hotel guests.
The only way we could solve the problem was restarting the server and keep calling Hong Kong support team to assist us on checking up the system. (Yes my company HQ is in HK, a city which I will visit soon in this month.)
I was really busy but now I can't recall what was I really busy in already.. =p

Hmmm, I also remember that I went out for a meeting, had a cup of caramel latte, and the server was down again when I got back...I think I brought the bad luck to Westin..= ="

Later on we found out the major issue which cause the server keep going down and had finally decided to do server migration at night.
I called up the engineers to get ready for the migration, and also informed Hong Kong side to get ready on remote configuration etc.. (more like a coordinator huh? but I'm just an account executive ok?)

I did help on some stuff although I couldn't really help out much, and finally we were able to start the system migration around 2am and I was very tired already. I slept very "early" in the "previous night": slept at 5am and woke at 9am in the morning.. = ="
So I went to the room that the hotel provided and started my "Sweet Escape". lol

my card key..
Benefit of being a female, I got a room for myself, alone! <3

I am not sure about the room type but I guess it is a deluxe?

study table + day lounge sofa
Photos taken with my LG Renoir (my phone) at night so the quality is kinda bad.
The room view is great, Pavilion is just opposite my room.

again.. The Heavenly Bed.
(the yellow spot in the middle of the photo is due to my lens problem.)
oh.. I think I did not blog about my previous Heavenly Bed experience, did I?
I will blog about it when I got time. no promise though..=p

Westin is always my favourite hotel because of their famous Heavenly Bed.
FYI: It is their own brand, and was found since 1930.
I think everyone who stayed in any Westin before will never forget the sensation of this Heavenly Bed.

I slept till 6am, was waken up by my colleagues to do some testing on the system.
We went McD for breakfast around 8am when everything was done, and back in the room again at 10am.
Then, I started this post, and here comes the end of it.
I'm gonna continue my sweet dreams on the Heavenly Bed now... Bye~ <3

Overall, it is not really a bad day huh.. I love August!


  1. this is exactly the same as wat i get with RM570 ==

    so syok u




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