IDI Super Fan Campaign: 1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream

IDI Skin Care: Super Fan Campaign [Regime: CORRECT]

1.21 DermClene Soothing Cream 50ml
Picture Source: IDI Website
The product texture is light cream type, easy to apply, white colour and no fragrance.

(Juliana 说要涂全脸而不是只在痘痘部位,是因为当你长一颗痘痘时可能会感染到附近再长新的痘痘,这个膏可以避免感染。不过因为我的皮肤属于干性,用了之后有皮肤更干燥的状况,所以只用在痘痘上。)

-Apply over skin after cleansing. Massage gently for optimal result.
(I was told by Juliana to use it all over the face because this cream can prevent further acne production. But I'm having dry skin and the cream make my skin even dryer! So I only use it on acne spot.)

三个月前我刚加入这个IDI Super Fan Campaign时,因为生活调调太忙碌的关系脸上常有痘痘出现,所以Juliana给了我这个适合油性/痘痘肌肤的Soothing Cream。

大家记得到IDI Skincare FB那里投票给我的网志哦!只要在Jean yfc发布的link上面点击“like”就可以了!胜出的话,我会得到一年的产品供应!^^

I had breakout problem when I went for the IDI Super Fan Campaign consultancy, which is why Juliana gave me this product - 1.21 DermClene Sotthing Cream. It is actually for oily/acne problem skin.
However, I just have chance to use it for a few times because after I start using the full series of IDI's products, I seldom have pimple or breakout problems any more. (which is really a good thing right?^^)
I kept this cream in fridge like Juliana told me to do so if I'm not using it. 

During the period I was using this cream, the cream did dry up my skin a little till my nose got a bit peeling. But I guess it's because I have dry skin (it's for oily skin you see.) and maybe I use a bit too much? 
If I just use it on the acne spot, the healing effect is kinda impressive. 
So if you ask me this product is good or bad, my answer will be a positive one. Just that I don't need it any more! ^^

Finally, I done reviews for all the products I got from IDI Skincare!
What I wan t to say is I really love the products because it does help to improve my skin!
I will write a post regarding the improvement soon~

Please go to IDI Skincare FB to click "like" on all my posts so that I can win one year supply of the products!! FYI, my FB user ID is Jean yfc~^^


  1. oh Jean ~~~ why are you so bad ~~~ you are forcing me to the corner liao ~~~ hahaha...

    I just wrote one , so 3 more to go ! haha...

    But I tot this one is hydrating product ? I use it everyday and the hydrating effect is very satisfiable for me wor ~

  2. Ya.. it stated it got hydrating purpose but just dunno y not so suitable for my skin gua.. anyway, I seldom have breakout after use IDI products so dun need it oso..XD

  3. I like this product! My breakouts not as bad after using it.. And you're right its healing/treating effect is quite good..It also helps controls my oiliness problems.. Yay for this product!

  4. Fatin,
    Yes, I think it's good for oily skin!
    I just don't need it..=p

    of cox! skin care doesn't count gentle one la..hehe..

  5. i didnt get sponsor by IDI boohoo*
    but its fun to read your review of what works & what not!

    wow so IDI skin really regulate your face sebum production and reduce breakouts...alright!!

    hurahh what a pleasant journey with IDI indeed..if they are havin any sales i might pick up something :P




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