Malaysia KTM Komuter

Yesterday I was at Midvalley, needed to take KTM back to Kepong Station for a study group.

To avoid crowded, traffic jam, and this and that, I waited till 6.30pm only got in the KTM MidValley Station. There was not much of people waiting (compare to the peak hours), and the train reached within 10minutes (consider fast..). I got in the train and very lucky -- I got a seat! I happily text-ed my friends about how lucky I was because I got the last seat in the train and told them that I might reach around 7 something. And the train started to move....

All in a sudden, I heard some "bong" sound from the front, the electricity brokedown, the train started to move very slow and finally stopped. It just moved like for a few minutes, not even reached half way of the next station (KL Sentral)!

I thought it was normal because I used to experience this kind of situation everytime I took KTM. The train might restart within minutes and start moving again.

So I waited.. and waited... and waited....

The electricity came back for a few times, each time not more than 10seconds. I started to feel impatient and keep on texting my friends about what happened and cursing KTM, and all the public transports in Malaysia.

After 20minutes of waiting, someone reported that the train was broke down and they already contacted the techinician team at KL Sentral to come over.

Another 5minutes, someone really came. He walked by, and a Malay auntie sat opposite me asked, "Berapa lama lagi nak tunggu?". That fellow said, "lima belas minit lagi!" and gone.

So I waited, patiently. Spending my time by observing people around me, texting my friends, and non-stop cursing KTM. (I'm so happy I got free SMS package from DiGi. Unlimited free SMS to 11 friends!=p)

15minutes past. Another 15minutes past.. Another and another 5minutes past...
I think I sent out at least 100 sms within that one hour time.. Sorry DiGi.

The oxigen inside the coach was thinner and thinner. I was having trouble to breath normally, almost fainted... The train still did not move a bit.

A gang of indian youngsters standing in front me was chatting and laughing loudly, producing more carbon dioxide. One of them also turned on the popular R&B mp3 with his handphone loud speaker. A Chinese girl beside him who has a pair of sexy long legs, wearing a cute miny dress, hugging by her boy friend even singing along with the music..@.@" Really felt like wanna die that time.

Waited for a long long time, the train started to move, slow like a snail and the electricity inside the train did not recover. I heard many people starting to call their friends or family reporting about the train started to move and all of them mentioned "snail"!!!
"Hey, the train start moving d! Like a snail!! What? Ah Beng reached already? I'll be so damn late! Ask them to wait for me!"
"Aduh! KTM sangat slow! macam siput!"

It took a thousand years for the train to at last reached at KL Sentral Station and everyone got down from the train and follow some officer direction to get on another train. Of course I followed too..

And I reached Kepong Station around 8pm.......

This is the story.. And I apologize for writing with suckie broken English..
I really can't write in English larrrrr....>.<


  1. Compare to broken KTM your English is much more better! I also seldom take KTM because it's really slow!

    100 SMS within an hour? Can break record jor I think. Hope to enjoy the FREE SMS too!

  2. 如果是我的话 = = 应该会很怕,如果刚好赶时间,真的会很火
    == 可是有时候又别无选择 == 只能耐性地等待

    lolz, == 看到那个性感女人被男友抱着那幕

  3. more than 100sms in 1 hour?geng...
    malaysia public transport is like that d...need to accept their service also.

  4. 我超讨厌ktm的!
    不过你那一句@.@" Really felt like wanna die that time.

  5. the KTM very slow wan la..
    most of the time delay wan...hate it lo...and inside the KTM so many know which type of animal I mean?? haha

  6. Alfred:
    Lol I dun noe wat I wrote lo..@.@"
    I noe KTM is sxcks..but this is the sxkiest experience!!


    I always sms one la..even in class, when alfred sitting beside me, i also use sms to communicate with him one!!XD


    Yes. It always delay, but I never tried case like this bad luck...

  7. 哈哈哈 你写那女生抱着男友跟着唱还真好笑!

  8. 今天才看到新聞講一個少女圖自殺

  9. 我不知道~

  10. the moment:


  11. oms:




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