Tag.. >.< 这是最后一次!


Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.
You have to tag the person who tagged you.
If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you...

1. I'm a female.. (Although sometimes I don't look like one..>.<)

2. I start feeling tired & bored of my course already... Still have (at least) 1 year and 3 months to go. Sad... (I hope I can at least graduate with Pass.)

3. I loves pretty dresses/clothes/skirts but I don't wear them. (Kinda afraid my friends will laugh at me if I wear those.)

4. I'm very addicted to Internet. Once I got online, I will ignore anything else and get annoyed if anyone disturb me.

5. I can't hear people when I'm concentrating. (Eg. when I'm reading, watching tv, ...)

6. I always feel hungry but can't eat a lot unless it's a buffet. (Especially steamboat.lol)

7. Love FOOD.

8. Always forget my friends when I get busy.. (I'm so sorry!)

9. Don't like sweet/sour stuff.

10. Like to watch movies.

11. I want a puppy. (Those tiny, cute and with long fur one.. like miniature terrier or poodle..=p)

12. I have poor sense of direction. (Never ask me how to go anywhere, even my own house..)

13. I'm a messy fellow.. (My hair, my look, my room, everything...)

14. So in-love with Edward Cullen, the handsome vampire in Twilight. (I love his bloodless fair skin, cold eyes and cool attitude!)

15. I hate TMNet, give me a few broadband service choices and I will never choose Streamyx again! (Now I have no choice...P1 is not available at my place yet..>.< )

16. Have a steady boy friend. (He never read my blog, because he can't read chinese.. So I can write bad thing about him here...XD)

17. Have a blogshop.

18. Favorite PC games: The Sims 2. I love it because I can be god in the game, create wonderful houses and pretty human in the game. (Abandoned the game for quite some times already because my old laptop can't run it smoothly..>.<)

19. I have a brother who loves to collect paper bags... (which made my room become more messy.. = =")

20. My mother's favorite quote: “你很坏蛋。”; which influenced me to say “打你哒!”; and my father (to my mother): “今天酱乖的?”

21. Love my new cellphone (excuse: a Valentines Day present for myself) - LG K910 Renoir.

22. Favorite hand held game device: Nintendo DS. (I don't like PSP, no reason.)

23. Favorite DS game: Animal Crossing. (I play it everyday, at least an hour per day..= =")

24. Favorite laptop brand: Hewlett-Packard.

25. Owe government a lot of money... (PTPTN)

At last, I done it!!
I started to write this at 15/2/09 6:47pm, then I went out for movie at 8pm, continue writing once I reach home around 1am, finished it at 16/2/09 2am... = ="



我要Tag的人:KokHsien, Alfred Toh, WJ, ChuanGuan, 十六夜真人, Sze, HaoZhe, Orange, 杨宝贝, ShawnLoo, KJ, Priscilla, KhengHo(如果他也有Blog的话).....


  1. 最后几个好像真的很随便叻~


  2. 我可以當作看不到后面那個名字嗎?

  3. 新年回来又是看见这些。。。怕怕。新的一年了,别玩这些了。。。很恐怖啊。

  4. 3. i think u will look great on dresses..serious!

    4. undoubtedly..ahaha

    11. poodle!!poodle!!

    16. haha..i translate for him..hahaha

  5. walan?? tag me pulak?? tag back you!!!!!!!!

  6. 幸好你没有tag我





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