Digi + Nuffnang: Speak Up Malaysia

Local Telecommunication company, DiGi has started up a very special MMS competition.
We now have chance to speak up what we want and hope for Malaysia, and even win prizes with it! Prizes included LG phone, iPod, Cash prize and Movie tickets!

All you need to do is snap a creative photo with your caption in the photo and send a MMS!
As a Nuffnager, I even have chance to win more if I blog about it!
Check out this page: DiGi Speak up Malaysia

I just sent my MMS and really hope that what I ask for will become real one day.

I wish we could have faster + better broadband services!

Last time, we only have Streamyx.
Now, we have more choices when we ask for broadband services.
However, I do think there can be more improvement of the available broadband services in our country.
I want faster, better quality broadband services!!
I mean, real good quality!
No more sudden service down without notification!


  1. Agree with you!

    I looking more Wimax services in city.

    3G broadband is an ALTERNATIVE solution of wireless broadband, what we need is more REAL wireless broadband service providers!

  2. 应该是Faster + Better + Cheaper...

    总觉得马来西亚的Broadband charge得好贵!

  3. 不会游泳可不可以去潜水的呢??"





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